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Prioritising Applications Apr 14


How are bids prioritised?

Melton Homes uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications in accordance with housing need.

All housing applications received for rented accommodation will be assessed and placed in one of 4 bands. The table below sets out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band.

Priority Housing Need


Homeless Households to whom the Council has a statutory duty under section 193 of the housing act 1996 to secure accommodation


Emergency medical need


Emergency welfare need


Complex housing need


Management need 


Displaced agricultural workers


High Housing Need

Has 2 or more Medium Housing Need categories  
Homeseekers where there is overcrowding by two or more bedrooms short of the assessed need  
In supported accommodation and approved for move-on or independent living  
Under-occupying social housing which is in high demand  
Under-occupying a home and affected by Welfare Reform  

Medium Housing Need

Other homeless households  
Poor housing conditions  
Medical need affected by housing  
Welfare need affected by housing  
Insecure accommodation   

Low Housing Need

Homeseekers with security of tenure and no welfare or medical need  
Owes a housing related debt greater than £300 and has a payment plan in place which is being met  
Guilty of behaviour which affects suitability to be a tenant  
Only interested in Homebuy / Shared ownership options  

Deliberate worsening of housing circumstances to get higher priority


Social housing tenants outside of the Leicestershire scheme with a local connection to the sub region but no welfare, medical or exceptional need to move


Refer to the Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings Allocations Policy for further details

Once bids have been received against each property home seekers in each band will be placed in date order.  The applicant with the oldest date will normally have the highest priority.  The date that is normally used for matching home seekers to properties is their registration date with Melton Homes or the date the home seeker moved into a higher housing need band.

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