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Universal Credit (UC) has been introduced to the Melton Borough.  This means that anyone moving into or within the Borough of Melton who would normally claim housing benefit or local housing allowance will now have to apply for Universal Credit (UC). 

UC is a single monthly payment for working age people in or out of work, which merges together some of the benefits and tax credits that you might normally expect to apply for or already receive as separate payments.

UC HOUSING COSTS FOR 18-21 YEAR OLDS - As Melton Borough is now a full UC digital service area, UC claimants aged 18-21 will not be entitled to the housing costs element of UC to help pay their rent.  This applies to applicants living in & applying for social rented or private rented accommodation.  There are limited exceptions to this ruling.

The UC single monthly payment will be paid directly to you and will include your housing costs (previously housing benefit or local housing allowance entitlement).  As a tenant you will be responsible for paying your rent and other housing costs from your UC payment direct to your Landlord.   This will include tenants of Melton Borough Council and Housing Associations as well as private Landlords.

For more information about UC - Click here

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Welcome to the Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings Home Page for Melton Borough Council

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Using this web site you can:

A ten minute video demonstration is available on how to use the web site.  To view this please click on video demonstration.

This site displays all of the rented and shared ownership properties that the Council and Housing Associations currently have available.

Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings is a partnership between the seven councils in Leicestershire (excluding Leicester City which has its own web site) and a large number of housing association partners.  By coming together to form Leicestershire Choice Based Lettings, we are able to offer those looking for an affordable home, the widest choice of housing and an easier way of being considered for vacant properties as they arise.

Using this service gives you more choice in deciding where you want to live.  Instead of waiting for an offer of accommodation, you can see which properties are coming vacant and ask to be put forward for them.  Properties that are available for rent and shared ownership will be advertised each week.

You can tell us which properties you are interested in.  We call this 'bidding' but it won't cost you a penny.  Before you can bid for a property you must be accepted onto the Melton Borough Council housing register or be registered already with one of the other Leicestershire councils and have an approved connection to the Melton Borough.

Please ensure you send all the required proofs in support of your application to  If you do not provide the requested proofs needed within 14 days then your application will not be processed and deleted from the system.  Click here to apply online using the online form.   

If you are interested in moving to a neighbouring council area you will be able to bid for a selection of properties in the rest of Leicestershire.  You can bid for these properties' without having to register again with those councils.  To see these properties click on Search at the top of the page and select 'Leicestershire properties to rent'.   

Not everyone will be successful in getting a council or housing association home.  Demand is much greater than the number of vacancies.  Check on the Recent Lets to find out if you are likely to be successful in the near future.

If you would like help to use this service or have any difficulties providing the required proofs, please contact our Customer Services/Housing Options Team who will be able to assist.

Click How to Contact Us  or use the Contact Form by clicking above.

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